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Bounties / Donate / Re: POOLs
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:02:53 PM »
Hi Snailbrain,

Sorry for my delayed response. I've been very busy with local problems.

You are correct, but I've mined for pools that shared merged mining work between workers for coins like HUC and NMC the same way they do for Bitcoin. I think p2pool might actually be capable of this, but I will figure it out either way.

I am very interested in the Devs' thoughts on an algo / distribution change. Aside from the effects on my pool efforts, I am very curious to see what kinds of ideas the community comes up with.

You are looking at my pool experience, sir. First working pool, ever, in the making. :D
Not to worry, though. It's personal. I will figure it out. I just purchased a 1TB SSD raid-1 VPS for the occasion. It will be ready for me to begin deployment no later than March 1.

I have one that has been opened for 35 days, with 3 replies from me and none from poloniex. I have added another reply informing them that it is fee related. Should I open another new ticket?

Bounties / Donate / Re: POOLs
« on: February 07, 2018, 07:32:24 AM »
I am working on this. I have a local p2pool up and mining BTC, with NMC and HUC merged. Getting 333MH/S on my blockerupter USB !!! :D

Am I correct in understanding that NMC (and HUC?) can no longer be solo-mined? (Merged only?)

If I am not able to set-up pure-HUC pools; I'd like to know what coins would have the most interest being mined along-side HUC in each algo. BTC/NMC/HUC? LTC/DOGE/HUC?

Sorry for the necromancy, but HUC needs to be undead. :D

Thank you, Snailbrain. Did you, or do you know if anyone had any issues after the 2016 fork with poloniex?

I only ask because I played HUC, transferring to/from poloniex in 2014, and I read that at least one other having this issue also played in the early days.

I am wondering if something for us is still "set" from back then. It's the only thing I can come up with at this point. I also suggested it to poloniex in my ticket, which still has no response after 29 days. :D

How many, Snailbrain?

I just did another test withdraw of 5.01 HUC to HPT3qnCPigsadCxE6XGua39yG8Zy5hysid TXID: 4e1b12ffcec71c086c7895ed1e0cc3fb62dd437e6b1b7b43364d88da34b48bb8 , and it failed. Same story.

Before this TX I have done, to two different wallets (Linux Huntercore  v0.13.99.0-bf2a2676b-dirty, and the windows download at the main ANN page on bitcointalk,) the following withdraws:

   Complete    HUC    5.01000000
2018-01-23 06:45:14 Address: HNcVTxEtk2zFhpGm9KpFNPscoiVYfhiHUQ Txid: f0e75ca48e4b4b14b93510afbc4dac9c9c9f13417fd7c3beb4b2b8a7f3d74beb
   Complete    HUC    5.01000000
2018-01-21 14:56:41 Address: H7QqPJA1DiVy4xRA5jSm3LyKUtV2ZZEPxp Txid: 9cd775903cd6b7ef238890c74efa9679471aa2b836bc48ab0f302a8087190676
   Complete    HUC    5.01000000
2018-01-07 04:39:02 Address: H8MykuoEkxEVRmqNGSWUQAoisaLaP5fPWa Txid: c31a2d3bbb0c5fe4cfca245f84674d78e429ebe8d7273da3b61ca02b149a7934
   Complete    HUC    1.01000000
2018-01-06 21:37:43 Address: HPvcCHbqe9UXwL86K4aFuVAu5cH4gpVgC4 Txid: efb0030b88fe1ddd52305dbb5a5b4af0e7b2cdd620e96e6e2c696e6a2bacb231

On all TX, everything looks good on poloniex. Block explorer shows TX, but all fields are empty. Wallet remains unchanged -- no funds, no unconfirmed TX.

Am I just not sending enough? Scared to spend much more on hunters that I never get to play :/

Hi, Snailbrain.  :-[

Thanks!  :D

Being Processed since 18 days 22 hours

Does the
Code: [Select]
--with-gui bit make it compile with the game tab in huntercoin-qt?

Trading HUC / Would like to buy some HUC to play
« on: January 26, 2018, 10:47:30 PM »
Can pay in BTC, or most alts. Even poliniex HUC if you know some way to transfer it. :D

Willing to do escrow if need be.

The issue is ongoing. No withdraws from poloniex.

Anyone want to sell me some HUC so I can play? :D

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