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Development / Huntercoin alternative gameplay
« on: June 08, 2017, 07:06:52 PM »
I think the "human mining" capability should not be proportional to the time invested (or even steeper than that), so in this prototype, game rules have been changed in order to make the difference between players who can only play for a few minutes per day, and players who can invest unlimited time, as small as possible.

As side effects:

- it becomes impossible to use bots (they would need to think strategically)
- it would also be much more difficult for POW miners to gain an advantage in the game (by
  not processing transactions and discarding their own blocks selectively)
- and the number of transaction generated by players is very small


- Character levels, and leveled chars are near immortal.
- Character equipment, weapons and items that determine combat abilities.
- Smart monsters.
- Safe zones with teleporters connecting them.
  NPC merchants to buy items from.
  (coins earned by these NPC can later be re-used for a fully decentralised and automated bounty system)
- Low risk/high reward for players. Cheating death is cheap, but
  monsters can drop potentially thousands of coins if killed.
- Universal network-wide AI to micromanage all actions on the battlefield.
- Coins have a purpose in-game, and players have an incentive to accumulate them.
- New player, after they managed to survive a few days, can command the most powerful monsters
  (they have a "longest time not bother me, first serve" policy)
- Combat is resolved only determined by character position and abilities, not by transactions in the block immediately before the combat happens

Testnet-in-a-box with source:, 24.2 MB!CA5iRSCQ!omJpbIAt5kow59IXhpy9wpL-cJOxE2o6qcEgzK8J_IQ

Some pics from older version (layout is now a bit different)

Starting new hunter:

Center with NPCs:

It takes some time for the character  (i.e. 50 blocks on this testnet, 25 blocks would give a 50% chance) to memorize the coordinates, this is to balance the disadvantage of sending your move before knowing other player's moves. In latest version hunters can wait inside the safe zone.

The game's nature changes depending of whether 1 round is 200 blocks (like in the testnet) or 2000 blocks. Normal players wouldn't be able to do 1 move every 200 minutes, day and night, so while this kills the bots, domination by human player groups is still possible.

However, the average player would have no problems to input 1 move per 30h forever if they can choose the exact time freely.

Technical / Support / v1.4 blockchain (archived)
« on: February 09, 2017, 07:46:40 PM »
v1.4 blockchain as of February 11, 2017:

Code: [Select]
md5: fdd10b8114aff98f255058e4e0170eac!fZwjnJDI!YMt8we93bO1QMlUh-qFg1Ed0tdSpeJg9Um7OtQr5ihk

md5: f93a05dfa057ada05d3623e1d7a2571c!eBgzjIDb!1w5TAAtl51DGzWOyVKbWDGPYw47sF1ozuVplnGXSZOY

md5: a1f824f2af3e178f7de818f6f480e9b1!jV4TEC5Y!bYGOzYmEKV7kBEEbAcl9ySZfD2S1ebM8_xgRe5iBOWw!WNpTxIqR!A-MKWEC2oyYqKMl5zAvSnZVWF00e1z3EJjcTPqAlzVo

md5: bd4416796ba0271f2cbfa0562b2ee40c!2MYyAaTY!sfyU-nmWdBV-hqVhpojBN6mX2OsruEzeQns9CvVlnxQ!uMpAjYja!zbeTbh1l1gA_HdS67Dq7atzy-ybI31KBFSmfOBbaB0Q

md5: 27b4f91716ffacabcf29dd7792136b0c!DcgkBRhQ!XAKtgKM2sbZTRvxNYFu7i_gx8D4fF141Nc5goRhIywQ!GdAUnALR!sFBo0-IOfPOOquohJnkPL3pZQdZk9VDoIaZbDSbX-wQ

md5: 992e0e81c1ed134da48dee84b3bbde2c!LF5hjLhZ!eLolCrl8nRCAkWBiG7RHJXYEp6PEcjUKL2FGB-epLvg

md5: 7468a2f9bffbe59ff71a6c2dbe473cce!OQJRybZY!djFmO6lDUzQFdkr4QVByYGoblMGaThMd4HTj1Rs49dc!zEg1GA5R!3L1Pc5T77JJFFnCFAWrVbHt22GbivRO1rihYJdxFCbE!SVRzxZJC!5BNSKtOkUfUmfKW8ca6Qkunb0N7gLVBf58EtR5CZsqo

game.dat, md5: 7af4be9b2a092f09081a553a4e185994
game_sv4.dat, md5: 80b5951614a396498932329664e27750
nameindexfull.dat, md5: 1af8434a9399052fe08db1fddd44903a
utxo.dat, md5: 63fa216adac2e5986282e0490da26884!HVgBULzB!XSco_H5ZmSXidu-Q6v36Xto82SOenHd04jEgOrWts8w

Development / Gameplay change (hard fork) wish list
« on: September 15, 2016, 01:52:09 PM »
Currently, if a player uses less hunters than another player, or his gaming session is shorter, then he is at a systematic disadvantage over that other player.
If the difference becomes larger, the disadvantage also becomes more severe. Basically, Huntercoin has an implicit tax-the-poor behavior like Monopoly.

1) If a player want to start playing, they will spawn on a random walkable tile and must walk to an harvest area of their choice. This will take more than 1 hour on average, because the nearest harvest area is likely to be already occupied, sometimes by more than 1 hunters. (the dysfunctional fee system also plays a role here)

By contrast, the group of players known as the dominator, either have hunters on the map 24/7, or can walk to the harvest areas while another player of this group is still there (so they don't lose coins because of it)

Solution: players spawn only on tiles that are adjacent to a tile that is adjacent to a coin harvest tile.
(easy to auto-generate this list of tiles)

Code: [Select]
#  unwalkable tile
c  coin harvest tile
.  adjacent tile
p  player spawn


This is also not so psychologically frustrating like being forced to do a long walk. (while watching the action on the map and seeing who the sucker in this game is)

2) Give the banks fixed positions on tiles adjacent to coin spawn tiles. Only some unimportant outer ring harvest areas may not have an adjacent bank, but then they also can't have nearby player spawns (so no hunter is stranded in the middle of nowhere) Because no one will accidentally step on banks, despawn time can be reduced from 3 blocks to 1
this is actually not good because you would see mobs of 4 or so waiting to gank single hunters on the way to the bank.

Solution to avoid this, and keep banks useful: Banks can't spawn on all walkable tiles but only on coin harvest tiles 'c' and adjacent tiles '.'

Bank despawn time is reduced fron 3 blocks to 1 (you can walk over them, but standing still on them means immediate despawn)

Player spawn tiles 'p' work exactly like banks work now. All of them. (so that a newbie player is never forced to fight a mob of gankers just to reach a bank)

This saves players from having to do another 1-3 hours long walk with no guaranteed maximum because you have to despawn all of your hunters. Again, if the dominator does this, then while his buddy is farming (so they don't lose coins because of it)

Enough for today. Next part: how the game wastes not only your time but your coins too and how to fix it

Development / Tile and sprite resolution
« on: November 09, 2015, 08:33:43 PM »
Just for fun and hypothetical, Huntercoin-HD is not really high priority.

If you scale a tileset 2:1, select parts of it with the color select tool, and copy+paste them with 1 pixel offset (in different directions for each color) the resolution effectively doubles. But to not look shitty or like impressionist painting, it must be the original 40*40 tiles scaled exactly 2:1, only after that it could be scaled 96:80, or 100:80.

Time: 10 minutes for the entire Cliffveg.bmp (but the result can be improved with some more time)

Instructions for an non-artist to scale a character sprite would be like

- scale up 2:1, no interpolation
- place single pixels to fix the 2*2 blocks (no color interpolation, don't touch inner+lower side of eyes, less is more)

- duplicate some lines of pixels (~4 upper body, ~12 legs) so that the sprite looks more like a normal anime figure. Height should be 100 pixels.

- find a slightly higher res pics of the character the sprite is based on, to see how some details should look. (without it I would have absolutely no idea how to do the hands or soft leather boots)
- leave the face as it is, less is more.

Time: 5 minutes, 5 minutes, and ~1 hour

The upper left sprite is 100*100, and a software renderer (like Qt) really struggles with 96*96 tiles...

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