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I think they are probably just very busy :/

It seems it is related to the fees.

They need to pay more, do a support ticket to get their attention.

Bounties / Donate / Re: POOLs
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:39:11 AM »
Hi Mate, great work.

afaik, you should be able to solo mine but not sure what the point would be.

The issue is that i believe all merged mine coins, are as if being "solo mined". So basically you are not sharing the merged mined coins, i.e. harder to mine them.

We may need to change the algos and hardware/human mined distribution ratio soon.

do you have a lot of pool experience?

just tried to withdraw 50 myself but nothing showing up in wallet,
i think poloniex has some sort of issue for sure.

I see it now in memory pool


depositing to Poloniex seems to be fine for me. Just the withdrawal. Maybe fee related.

I've sent a ticket to Poloniex
also asked domob to have a look at

Does the
Code: [Select]
--with-gui bit make it compile with the game tab in huntercoin-qt?


the game tab isn't in the Huntercore version.. but the --with-gui is not needed (i just copy and pasted).

as a test i sent myself some coins and all seemed to work

if on 16.04

something like this...

ssh in (with putty if on windows)

on this page start from where it says installing dependencies

when at the bit which says compile bitcoin... do this instead

Code: [Select]
cd ~/
git clone
cd huntercore
./configure CPPFLAGS="-I${BDB_PREFIX}/include/ -O2" LDFLAGS="-L${BDB_PREFIX}/lib/" --with-gui
sudo make install

if you get any errors let me know - some other stuff may need to be installed if you do, but should be easy to fix if you give me the error

have you sent a support ticket?

strange that it is showing in your actual wallet - did you do a ticket to poloniex?

does sound like possibly the fee was not high enough and it wasn't mined because it's not showing in the block explorer

Development / Re: Next Hardfork
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:09:13 AM »
it is necessary to reduce the cost of a hunter at least 2 times, because as a coin, it was half as likely to appear..

That's true..

also we are considering changing the game to mining ratio.

It could be more beneficial for miners to actually do malicious things rather than mine due to the current ratio.

should it be 50/50...

did you check the other post?

did it come through?

which part are you stuck with?

building the daemon on the VPS?

did you get this sorted?

General Discussion / Re: Help!
« on: January 23, 2018, 04:37:55 PM »
Help! Did not play the game for 4 years. Yesterday the client downloaded and synchronized it. I had a backup wallet.dat with 22 coins. Today I bought 80 coins on Poloniex to play, and sent it to my old address. An hour passed, and coins did not come to me.
Address: H9EV951i6Qmub31Wd13yTEha9qKc76JKqm
Txid: 53797ad7fcf23ae5afd128ac4b7f57ec31588e99a7f6cf625615234da197b343

have you sent a ticket to poloniex?

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