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Technical / Support / Re: old wallet wont load
« Last post by Snailbrain on January 12, 2017, 10:19:09 PM »
Hi mate,

you can't use the pruned chain with an old wallet.

if it has coins in and you are using your original backed up wallet, if you sync from scratch wit the new client it should find all your transactions.

i know you said you did it ish.. but it should/will work.

try the "updated" installer
delete your c:\huntercore folder first

use the update installer
run huntercore-qt, let it create the folders etc, then put your old wallet in c:\huntercore\game_date\datadir i believe

(overwrite the new created one)
then let it sync from scratch, it should work
Technical / Support / old wallet wont load
« Last post by foglight on January 10, 2017, 09:19:32 PM »
hi guys,

my wallet.dat was created with the first version of the client.

typically, i get the latest version, run it until sync'd with the new empty wallet, then after synced, close it down, swap in my old wallet, and rerun it. then all the wallet's transactions are there.

However, not this last time.

i ran the latest bundled package with the pruned chain. after syncing, i swapped the wallet file with my original one. The old wallet would not load. i kept getting errors saying the file was corrupted or something and it spit it out with changed filename.

i could not run the new version with this original wallet.

i deleted the large blockchain files and now it would load with my old wallet. i resync'd the entire chain (2 days)... and although my original wallet file is in the directory and the software is loaded and sync'd i still do not see my wallet's addresses or transactions.

Q) what do i need to do to get my old wallet loaded properly ?

General Discussion / Re: cheat
« Last post by sirwagginston on December 27, 2016, 03:27:12 AM »
It is mathematically impossible to cheat in a blockchain-based game.
General Discussion / Re: cheat
« Last post by newby on December 26, 2016, 11:24:24 PM »
fuck you cheater
General Discussion / cheat
« Last post by newby on December 26, 2016, 11:21:36 PM »
be carefull you all before play this game,player cheat is everywhere,or you will lose your money
Trading HUC / Re: Exchanges
« Last post by sirwagginston on December 21, 2016, 02:16:48 AM »
Huntercoin is back up for voting to be listed on the C-CEX exchange! Please GO HERE to cast your FREE vote so we can get some more trade activity. You simply need an account with any non-0 amount of funds in it; if you are willing to donate funds, however, you can improve our chances of winning by sending them to this BTC voting address: 1FCWQerKfppxQ497f4SnG1QUx5wwRCqCyf
Bounties / Donate / Re: Development Fund - Donate
« Last post by Snailbrain on December 01, 2016, 02:27:42 AM »
sent jwinterm 5k for doing backtrace

and 1k for myself that i was owed.

total = ~55k in the dev fund :)
Development / Re: Gameplay change (hard fork) wish list
« Last post by Snailbrain on November 29, 2016, 08:54:29 PM »
General Discussion / HARDFORK - Check the Sticky
« Last post by Snailbrain on November 29, 2016, 08:53:47 PM »
Check the Sticky for the new hardfork,37.0.html
Good news. The hardfork has been set, GitHub updated, client & game tested (as much as we could) and the game updates will be live in approximately 2.5 weeks.

Huntercore is also ready to use (with pruning), and the Unity3D client has been modified so you can play the game with it, too. New players now only need to download the ~500MB compressed pruned chain to start playing (actual pruned chain is 1.1GB uncompressed).

Miners and exchanges should update using the original repo (old Huntercoin) for now https:/

See below and read ALL:

Hardfork Mandatory Update Before Block 1521500

Miners, please post or send me a PM ASAP, and also when you have updated. Game changes:

  • Hunters will spawn on rings around the coin farms
  • The new spawn areas (around the coins), also act as banks to log out your Hunters
  • Randomly-spawned banks now spawn only in and around the coin farms
  • The above updates should allow for much quicker game sessions
  • Hunter creation fee reduced from 5 HUC to 1 HUC
  • Hunter refundable cost reduced from 200 HUC to 100 HUC, which is refunded if you do not die in PvP
  • When you first create a Hunter, it will be invulnerable for 5 blocks unless you make a move. If you do not, it will enter spectator mode and be unable to move (but can still chat-this may be used for some extra features at a later time). The Hunter will still be invulnerable
  • Coins will periodically become "ghosted" on certain map tiles according to a specific pattern. They become unlootable and accumulate until their ghosting period is over
  • Destruct fee reduced from 20 HUC to 1 HUC
For the next hardfork, we'll be looking at combat mechanics and NPCs (for the rest of the map away from spawn areas, which is now fairly empty).

Miners and exchanges should use this to update: https:/

After the hardfork, you can migrate to Huntercore when everything is successful.

Official Release of Huntercoin Core (aka Huntercore)

Huntercore is based on Namecore, which is based on Bitcoin Core's latest code. The original Huntercoin is based on old Bitcoin code which was way out of date. This brings a lot of goodies, including:

  • Much better performance. It should be much easier on your hard disk, in particular
  • HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Wallet. You should only need to backup the wallet once, and can even use the same wallet in multiple locations (possibly).
  • Pruning. It is now possible to prune the blockchain (and provide a pruned blockchain for new users). You can get the chain down to approximately 1.1GB, 500MB compressed. However, with a pruned chain download, you will need to use a fresh wallet. If you already have a wallet which has been used for old transactions, you will still need to sync from scratch, as a "rescan" is not possible once the chain is pruned
We recommend you create a new wallet with Huntercore and transfer coins from an old wallet to the new addresses. That way you can make use of Huntercore's HD wallet functionality.

The Huntercore wallet does not yet currently have the game tab. If you want to play using the QT, you will need to use the old version. We are hoping to migrate the game tab to the Huntercore wallet at some later stage (possibly Wiggi will take on the task).

For now, the Unity3D client has been adapted to work with Huntercore and is included with Huntercore in the all-in-one download. It's much better than the built-in version, anyways.

Props go to Wiggi for the game changes and coding, and Domob for sanity checking and assistance. And massive thanks to Domob for Huntercore and the Bitcoin Co-op for beta testing (with testnet box etc). And the Bitcoin and Namecoin developers of course.


Download links are all updated with the Fork - (New users should use the "All-in one Huntercore" unless you know what you are doing-) >

All in One - Huntercore v0.13 + Unity3d + Pruned Chain - 500mb Download
For New Users - this should get you up and running with a huntercoin wallet + unity3d client in the time it takes to download + a few minutes of syncing >>
Windows >!gIVXUaYD!kvwLruozyLjXlvZjjU43oJzJ4Tn1qn-3f0K3clShu4I

This will install the exe's and chain into c:\huntercore + create 2 shortcuts on your desktop. QT-Huntercoin (the normal wallet, click this first) then Unity-Huntercoin ( click this after QT has synced)
A static rpc username and password has been set so it works out of the box, but if you are concerned more about security you can change the huntercoin.conf and the server settings in unity. If you have already used the unity client before, the server settings will have saved in your registry so it might not auto connect without changing the rpc login details which are in huntercoin.conf of the new install.

Old Version Huntercoin (with game tab), this will be phased out - v1.4 >>
Windows >!qUdx0LKD!sSWS-Jt06hgeIrl1H1Z_utOOpZReABNDAJ3kwrpkLbg

(the windows binaries include better-qt safemode which is a modified qt with updated graphics by wiggi - read the quickstart guide for more info)

Source >

Huntercore Wallet v0.13 (no game tab) + Unity3d Client (if you want to play the game, otherwise ignore it)- you will need to addnodes or copy the peers.dat file (included) to your datadir (until we hardcode them)  >>!lU1WUDwb!S0qiHjC_2KjADxqnTuDw358R9TUFQsRhLBRW1tfzu_0

WARNING - you can not use this over the top of your OLD datadir (e.g. if you have used Huntercoin before). Either make (or specify) a new datadir, or move your old one if it is in the default directory.  Migrating to Huntercore will not convert your old datadir (it might try but probably fail).

Huntercoin.exe is the unity client. If you do not know what you are doing or/and have not used huntercoin before, use the All-in-One version.



Old Huntercoin - For Miners / Exchanges / Players who want to use the Game Tab in QT :: https:/
Huntercoin core  (aka Huntercore) bleeding edge: https:/


Notes on Unity3d -

Currently shows the new spawn areas but they will not take effect until the Hardfork (same for QT)
You should set Alarms for   "When enemy are detected" to something like 5 and enable Audio Alert. In the hunter section you should make sure ALL and PENDING are enabled - this shows lines / paths of other hunters on the map. Pressing Update will check the memory pool for valid player moves (before they go in the chain).
Pressing SORT will put all hunters with enemies within the set "alarm" range at the top.
Make sure you are synced before using Unity.
The Chat section connects to #huntercoin on freenode IRC - needs some work to see whos in there but it can work as basic chat if required.

More Unity3d updates coming soon.
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