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Draft Instructions for Unity Client Installation
« on: August 02, 2015, 10:16:57 PM »
Draft Instructions to play with the unity client :


Fastest way :

Start Downloading the chain from

In, C:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming
make a folder called huntercoin
goto C:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming\huntercoin

make a huntercoin.conf file and edit it with a text editor. (right click, create new text document).

create a username and password to allow communication between the unity client at the huntercoin daemon/qt
so it looks like this (replacing username and password with a secure username and password):


save it


when the blockchain has downloaded, use 7zip (not the window extractor as it can't handle the big file properly) and unzip the contents into the hutnercoin folder you created


download the latest huntercoin client from >>,37.0.html


unzip the contents to a folder anywhere.. maybe C:\huntercoin or on your desktop.

Decide whether you want to connect/use the QT or the daemon. I would prefer the daemon as it seems faster, but maybe to begin with you'd like to use the qt so you can
see what's happening a little more clearly, also maybe you prefer the wallet functions better. Using the QT may help with debugging and noticing any issues.

Run Huntercoin-qt.exe or huntercoind.exe


give it a minute, then run the unity client - build.exe


Go to OVERVIEW, Server Settings, and enter the details:

The username and password you entered in the hunercoin.conf
server = http:\\   - assuming you are connect to a daemon/qt on the local machine.

the default rpc port is 8399

Press OK

At the bottom it should change from "connecting to XXXXX", to something like "syncing". The numbers it displays there, and time may be incorrect (working on that), but if it

does show some times, then it's at least syncing. If you are using the qt you can also check if it's syncing.

I prefer to use the daemon with the printtoconsole=1 so i can see what's happening real time, but not neccesary.


Once you are fully synced you are good to go.
If you want, while you are syncing, you can click chat and join the IRC Channel - this will join the freenode channel - #huntercoin
This channel is for support and discussion about the huntercoin project. Any "VERY" offense messages will not be tollerated and you will be kicked/banned.


in the future you can just run huntercoin-qt.exe and build.exe - and away you go.