Author Topic: Huntercoin v1.3 - Hardfork - Update before Block 775k  (Read 35031 times)


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Huntercoin v1.3 - Hardfork - Update before Block 775k
« on: June 21, 2015, 11:55:56 AM »
Huntercoin 1.3 HardFork - Major Update - Update before block 775000 < 2 Weeks

Implement "Game fees" - This allows fees to be paid which go to the gamefund - useful for the current update and future updates (attacks of different values).
Remove Hearts and Hearted Hunters (no value standard hunters). We'll add/change them in a future update.
Remove Death Upon Destruct
Allow Destruct and Waypoint at the same time.
Implement Life Steal Concept - If you hit with a destruct you will take their Hunters value and add it on your own. e.g. If you general costs 200 hucs and you hit someone worth 200 hucs, you will have a value of 400 hucs and they will die. Your Hunters value can be consider "Health".
Display Hunters Value in the "Life" Tab when not poisoned from Disaster. If you are poisoned from Disaster it will tick down as before.
Hunters will spawn on Random Locations on the Map.
Reduce Carry Capacity to 100
Add Destruct Fee of 20 HUCs - This may seem expensive but is required to stop chain spamming destruct. This will be reduced once we implement Spell Timers or something else...
Remove Old Spawn/Bank Areas.
Make Banks Random - Banks will spawn in Random Locations on the Map.
Add Life Span for Banks - Banks will have a 25 to 100 Life Span. This is not currently displayed in the QT.
Reducing Spawn/Bank Refund from 30 to 2 Blocks - If you stay on a bank square for more than 2 blocks your coins will be refunded for your general (and any "life" you took from other hunters in PvP).
Add 5 HUC fee on top of the 200 Fee for Creating a Hunter. This Fee is added to the gamefund.
Reallow "20 byte rule" for merge mining. Requested by F2pool. This makes the code more consistend with other merge mined coins.
Make getauxblock support both sha256d and scrypt regardless of algo="" in huntercoin.conf. by f2pool.