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« on: August 02, 2015, 04:01:42 PM »
Decided to create a new thread:

As discussed in the past - A Hunter (I think a specified colour's ability is better) has the ability to place a trap on the ground and later trigger it for detonation (or prove someone walked on it)

This is based on the original invisibility idea for chronokings. A special encrypted transaction is used to place the trap (or go invisible) and is then triggered later by revealing the key (password).



How to place a trap without anyone knowing you actually placed it - e.g. if someone sees you do the special transaction in the chain even if encrypted - they can still see it's a special transaction?
could we place fake transactions (without too much spam in the chain - maybe spell timer on fake transactions as well)

How to stop 10 hunters created loads of traps?

should it work like the idea for invisibility? - if the trap is not triggered within x blocks something happens - e.g. hunter dies or, 10 hucs appear (example cost of setting the trap). Probably if the hunter doesn't reveal where the trap is then the 10 hucs may have to go on some random location on the map (or gamefund).

Or - does the 10 hucs just go direct into the gamefund - OR maybe the 10 hucs appears within a random location within 50 blocks of the hunter, so any potential victims have a chance of free money?

would the trap trigger a destruct when activated, or would the trapper just prove it was stood on..

will it work at all?
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Re: Traps
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2015, 11:34:22 AM »
how i said, i like traps (not invisibility)

about traps, i thought about details and i'm actually writing them into a post that i'll publish soon (is big because i'm detailing every aspect of proposed changes)
let me write here what i'm writing on the other post about traps:

- add what snailbrain suggested, traps. this need maybe more thinking and would require more development effort that other proposal, but the idea is that a player can use a hunter to deploy a trap on its current cell, in a encrypted transaction (but it shouldn't impact game interface, it should be automatically handled) and this way you have a new object, called "Trap", that's listed in your GUI (i'd say it shouldn't be bounded to a specific hunter rather than being available at a Wallet level, so you can trigger it whenever you want and even if the hunter you used to deploy it died)
Traps last for a fixed amount of blocks (let say 60, 30 minutes approx) and then they are removed from the map. To trigger an explosion then, a player has to activate it using a special transaction that shows it to all and prove you had placed the trap there, at this point whoever is in a range of 2x2 (?) take lot of damage (we need to test and see, i'd say to start from 5, so a hunter with less than 5 armor die).
- Traps can be deployed only if when you create a hunter you spend build points on the trap (and i'd say that a trap is so powerfull that such hunter shouldn't have armor/ammo)
- a hunter can carry max 1 trap and it have no cooldown but it's unique, this way we prevent the map being filled by traps, that would break the gameplay at all

I didn't saw this post earlier but i think I already replied to your questions, so:

- No need to create fake transaction, unbounding traps from hunter would allow to hide where a trap could be, because if you insert in the encrypted transaction the hunter name that placed the trap and the location, upon revealing your intention you have to prove you owned that hunter (even if actually he died, you still have it's address in your wallet)

- Traps expires

- One trap only per hunter, and maybe a fee to place a trap (not much, 10 is enough) and a hunter that has a trap is weak (just 1 armor/weapon available)

- When trap expires, placing it on the place where the trap were isn't bad i think, but maybe random placed would be better, placing it on gamefund could be even a choice but i think we should start using that gamefund

- on destruct trap does 5 (less?) damage in a 2x2 range, so it's like a kind of attack.
Here the doubt is, what happen to a hunter that die because of trap? does it drop coins or coins are sent to the address of the hunter that placed the trap?
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