Author Topic: Game Channels for Off-Chain Interactions  (Read 942 times)


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Game Channels for Off-Chain Interactions
« on: October 20, 2015, 03:17:46 PM »
If you are also reading Bitcointalk, you probably already noticed my post there about a recent idea that allows for trustless off-chain interactions in Huntercoin (or, in fact, other games as well):

I've now finished writing a more elaborate description, which is available as paper manuscript at  I welcome any feedback you have!  Here's the abstract for convenience:

Blockchains can be used to build multi-player online games and virtual worlds that require no central server. This concept is pioneered by Huntercoin, but it leads to large growth of the blockchain and heavy resource requirements. In this paper, we present a new protocol inspired by payment channels and sidechains that allows for trustless off-chain interactions of players in private turn-based games. They are usually performed without requiring space in the public blockchain, but if a dispute arises, the public network can be used to resolve the conflict. We also analyse the resulting security guarantees and describe possible extensions to games with shared turns and for near real-time interaction. Our proposed concept can be used to scale Huntercoin to very large or even infinite worlds, but it also has applications beyond Huntercoin like decentralised poker games, smart contracts or a blockchain for generic private gaming.
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