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Tile and sprite resolution
« on: November 09, 2015, 08:33:43 PM »
Just for fun and hypothetical, Huntercoin-HD is not really high priority.

If you scale a tileset 2:1, select parts of it with the color select tool, and copy+paste them with 1 pixel offset (in different directions for each color) the resolution effectively doubles. But to not look shitty or like impressionist painting, it must be the original 40*40 tiles scaled exactly 2:1, only after that it could be scaled 96:80, or 100:80.

Time: 10 minutes for the entire Cliffveg.bmp (but the result can be improved with some more time)

Instructions for an non-artist to scale a character sprite would be like

- scale up 2:1, no interpolation
- place single pixels to fix the 2*2 blocks (no color interpolation, don't touch inner+lower side of eyes, less is more)

- duplicate some lines of pixels (~4 upper body, ~12 legs) so that the sprite looks more like a normal anime figure. Height should be 100 pixels.

- find a slightly higher res pics of the character the sprite is based on, to see how some details should look. (without it I would have absolutely no idea how to do the hands or soft leather boots)
- leave the face as it is, less is more.

Time: 5 minutes, 5 minutes, and ~1 hour

The upper left sprite is 100*100, and a software renderer (like Qt) really struggles with 96*96 tiles...