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Re: Restarting the Chain
« Reply #15 on: February 14, 2015, 05:10:18 PM »
tx verification takes time, gamestate generation too, with more players, more tx will have to be verified, and reorg could be even a bigger issue . people could even wait 3 blocks before seeing their moves accepted, technically from a gameplay perspective the game time should be increased to allow the execution of a move being executed the next block (of course this would slow down the game too much)
I think that lowering blocktime so much could be technically dangerous
even 45 seconds is risky but maybe could be more doable

of course needs more thought-- and i raised the issues multiple times to people on bitcointalk

but definetely something to consider and think about the finer points..

inevitably we should be able to have blockchain games running real time using the same technique - but when? (storage space exponentialy increasing, processing power, internet latency?)
I don't think it would be "technically dangerous" at 30seconds.. but i could be wrong

In the future... I think a slow paced RPG could look real time on a 3 second blockchain (if it has 5 second combat animations). The incoming transactions in the mempool are better than any client prediction, everyone knows already what the "game server" knows.

But currently lower block times make inequality between nodes on high-end hardware with fast connection and slow nodes worse.
Players who have to wait 1 block more before seeing their moves accepted will always lose in PvP.